So, you’ve signed up for National B&B Day, come up with an amazing offer and you’re officially listed on the site, what’s next?

Whilst we’re working hard to ensure that the overall event gets national media exposure, you can do your part and ensure that your property also gets its own share of the limelight. Here are our top tips for you and your property to make the most out of National B&B Day, including a digital pack to download, containing everything you need to help promote your B&B like an expert!

1. Get Involved & Share on Social Media

Facebook and Twitter posts are the ideal mediums to share your story and make your customers aware that you’re participating in National B&B day. Running a few posts in the lead-up to the event and then one on the day itself is a solid way to do it. Consider pinning one of the below tweets so that any existing or prospective customers viewing your page can see that you’re participating.

We’ve created an example post for both platforms below; feel free to use it as it is, modify it to suit your needs or come up with your own one entirely! You’ll want to add a great image to illustrate your offer.

Example post

“It’s National #BandBday on the 24th March! To celebrate, we’re offering guests [YOUR OFFER GOES HERE]

“To enjoy this limited offer, all you need to do is book at [A LINK TO YOUR BOOKING PAGE GOES HERE]

When to do it: Regularly between now and the 24th March. On the day itself, get a shot of your offer in action, push it out through all your social channels, and encourage guests to do the same.


2. Be Sure To Use The Hashtag #BandBDay in All Social Media Posts

Hashtags are used to categorise social media content and help it to get discovered by a wider audience of people. When someone interested in a topic searches for a hashtag, they’re able to see all the posts that have used that tag, even if they’re not following the users that created them.


3. Use the National B&B Day Promotional Banners

We’ve created a number of special banners for your social media accounts, to show that you’re a loud and proud part of National B&B Day. Like the pinned post mentioned above, this will make it easy for your customers to see that you’re participating.

When to do it: As soon as you can.


4.  Contact Your Local Press

Offering something interesting for this, the first ever National B&B Day? Well, there’s a good chance that your local paper or TV station will want to hear about it. Remember, keep your message snappy and relevant, focussing on what’s interesting about your property and offer. For most press tagging them in a tweet is the best way to contact them (e.g. @yorkshirepost)

When to do it: As soon as you can.


5.  Engage Your Local MP

This is a great chance for your MP to champion local businesses taking part in this national initiative, so let them know what you’re up to! This is especially relevant for those of you who are planning to give proceeds to charity. When you tweet about National B&B Day, why not tag them, or even invite them along to your property for a visit?

To find your local MP on Twitter, then use click “MP List” which will show all the eligible MPs in alphabetic order.

When to do it: As soon as you can.


6. Get Your Guests Involved

We’ve attached a template for a small postcard promoting National B&B Day for you to print out for all of your guests. It contains a bit of info on the day to get them excited, and the information they need if they want to share their own B&B Day experiences online. On the 24th March, simply print these postcards out and distribute appropriately.

When to do it: On the 24th March


… don’t forget to download and use our free participants’ pack!

Download Our Free Participants’ Pack, Including:

  • National B&B Day logo to add to your website, or share via social
  • National B&B Day participants badge to add to your website, or share via social media
  • Cover photo to use on your business Facebook and/or Twitter pages
  • National B&B Day info postcard for you to print and give out to guests over the weekend